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How old should a child be before their first trip to the dentist?

As soon as your child gets his or her first tooth one of the questions that new parents often ask themselves is ‘How old should my child be before their first visit to the dentist?’ The British Dental Association recommends that children go to the dentist with their parents as soon as possible at least […]


Finding A Good Dentist: How Hard Can It Be?

Everyone knows you need to have a good dentist, but finding one is easier said than done. Whether you’ve just moved or you’re simply looking to upgrade, matching your family with the right dentist can be a difficult task. While some people have the good fortune of finishing their search quickly, others spend weeks, months, […]


What Does Your Future as a Dentist Look Like?

So you’ve been accepted into dental school and are planning your future as a high flying and, hopefully highly paid, dentist. While that plan sounds easy to execute while you’re still in school, your chances of success will be a lot higher if you start planning out your strategy for success as early as possible. […]