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Keep that Glow – Top Tips to Healthier Looking Skin

skin-careWe all love to have that glowing, naturally healthy look. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember that everything that we do has an impact on our bodies. We are what we eat, sleep and do. Sometimes the fact that we get away with bad habits means that we forget that it will catch up with us at some point. Here are some pointers to keeping that skin supple and healthy:

We are what we eat:

Everything that we absorb affects us somehow. So when we conscientiously change our diets to give us the best possible outcome we feel the benefits very quickly. Here are some tips for a healthy skin diet:

  • Antioxidants – There are particularly useful for our skin as they defend us from ‘free-radicals’ e.g. the sun’s rays. They protect at a cellular level and this in turns benefits us by protecting against premature ageing and damaging things like skin cancer. Good sources of these are berries and foods which contain selenium which is found in whole grain foods
  • Healthy oils such as olive oil are a must – about two tablespoons a day is a good intake. These keep us lubricated and supple
  • Vitamin A – Low fat dairy foods which contain this are beneficial for the skin. If they also contain bacteria which aid digestion then even better as a good digestive system cleanses the system of impurities and lets the good stuff through. This will show on the outside
  • Fatty Acids – These can be found in fatty fish such as salmon, and nuts like walnuts. They create healthy cell membranes which in turns keeps moisture in and protects the cells
  • Green Tea – This possesses anti-inflammatory qualities. Green Tea has long been renowned for its cleansing health benefits.
  • Water – Hydration is key to keeping your skin healthy and preventing drying out. Drinking plenty aids in getting rid of toxins in the system

Other skin boosts:

  • Get plenty of sleep – this is when our bodies do most of their healing
  • Stay out of the sun, and when you are in it protect yourself with a high SPF sun lotion
  • Exfoliate – there are several benefits to exfoliation, it boosts the bodies circulation which is good for the skin and it also removes the dull dead and greasy layers of skin. Try sugar or salt scrubs for a spa experience
  • Ensure that you have a regular skin routine – cleanse, tone and moisturise every day
  • Exercise – this boosts circulation and fills us with good chemicals giving us a feel good boost
  • Avoid stress – it fills you with bad chemicals and will show in things like acne breakouts and ultimately wrinkles
  • Avoid smoking – it starves the skin of oxygen and beneficial nutrients
  • Get yourself to the salon and spoil yourself with a treatment such as a massage – it boosts circulation
  • Look into salons with microdermabrasion machines for sale and see if this is the type of treatment which might suit you – it encourages the growth of new healthy skin cells and is good for fighting those fine lines and dull skin

At the end of the day we know how we want to feel. Whether we make the necessary changes is up to us as individuals. But the benefits of being healthy (at least most of the time) are obvious and there for the taking. Enjoy the skin you are in.


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