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Tips for Medical Tourism

Medical TourismEspecially if you live in the US, traveling to another country to receive medical, dental or cosmetic treatments could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Common procedures can often cost 50-75% less in a neighboring country.  You should do your research however, to keep safe and save the most money.

Do your research on doctors or clinics that you see advertised. Be sure to check for reviews online, to make sure that people haven’t had a bad experience with that provider. However, take sites with all positive, glowing reviews with a grain of salt, in case they are not legitimate reviews. You should also check with licensing organizations for healthcare professionals in their country. You want to make sure that they have the experience, education and licensing necessary to do a good job for you.

Compare prices between providers. If you can’t find price listings online, look for information in online forums and message boards, by people who have had particular procedures in that country. You can also call the clinic and ask for an estimate.

If you are going to a 3rd world country or an area with a lot of crime, be sure to keep a low profile. Don’t look like a loud and boisterous American.  Dress modestly and comfortably, like with clothing from Old Navy. Don’t dress like a tourist with graphic t-shirts from the place where you are visiting. Don’t wear a shirt or other clothing that has an American flag or the logos of American sports teams. It could make you a target for robbery or kidnapping.

If you do choose to have medical treatment done, be sure to take enough time to recover before travel.  Don’t drink too much alcohol, as it could interfere with anesthesia.  Follow these tips and you can feel safe and save a ton of money.


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