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Synthetic Vitamins And Natural Vitamins

download (19)While a balanced diet is the best way of getting nutritional value for optimum health, improvements in technology have provided man another method of obtaining these nutrients-through the use of synthetic vitamins. But are synthetic vitamins at par with natural vitamins? What are the differences, if any, of laboratory-produced supplement from natural ones? As the debate on synthetic vitamins vs. natural vitamins rages on, it’s imperative that we look at how each are created and how our bodies consume them.

Synthetic Vitamins

Although the details of manufacturing simulated vitamins are considered a trade secret, most synthetic products are made by the combination of isolated chemicals. The use of additives is also a necessity as these combine the vitamins together. These additives include, among others, tar, coal synthetic coloring, starches and sugar. And taking in these toxins can have serious adverse reactions on your wellness. Synthetic vitamins can cause dangers to our body. Since there is limited consumption by the body, these synthetic vitamins can put too much stress on the liver and renal system. In fact, heavy supplements of vitamin c has been proven to result in thicker arterial walls that can cause increased cardiovascular disease risk. High intake of synthetic vitamin A, on the other hand, can increase cancer risks.

Natural Vitamins

All natural vitamins as compared to synthetic vitamins are the exact opposite of manufactured products. Natural vitamins are resulting from organic sources without the use of synthetic colors, additives and sweeteners. These nutritional value are resulting from the source without being subjected to cause problems or pressure. And these are easily consumed by the body, preventing any complication in the process.
An example of a organic form of vitamin is beta-carotene, which is the organic kind of vitamin A. It is the antecedent for vitamin A, means that it is used by the liver to generate the said vitamin. Thus, any unwanted beta-carotene is purged out from the system to prevent build up.


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