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Overcoming Your fear of Needles for Your Travel Vaccine in Montreal

Travel VaccineMany fear needles and that’s why we take every measure so that you do not feel pain at our travel vaccination clinic in Montreal. At 514 Vaccines, we offer our top tips to enable you to confront your concerns regarding vaccination, and to simply enjoy your trip.

It is essential to pass through your local travel immunization clinic in Montreal, so as to take the necessary precautions, if you wish to avoid disease. The pain is mostly in your head, and is reinforced by your fear of needles. While believing that you will suffer, it will amplify that feeling, especially since your muscles will be contracted. The vaccine does not normally cause discomfort, or any significant amount of pain for that matter, which is why it is always best to concerntrate on something else during a vaccine. You can always hold the hand of a friend or relative, listen to music, or count sheep in your head. Staff at the travel vaccination clinic to Montreal will also provide several tips that will help you when the time comes for insert the needle. Alternatively, it is also possible to apply a cream or a patch of anesthetic, one hour before the needle is inserted, if you believe it may help. Request a vaccination at the Montreal travel clinic, or book an appointment online. If you are afraid to faint, start by discussing this issue with the medical staff who will ensure that you are safe, take an anxiolytic, and lie down with your legs elevated to prevent discomfort. For babies, it has been proven that if you drop a sugar solution on the baby’s tongue or breastfeed during the injection, it creates a painkiller effect. Otherwise, try to simply recognize the importance of visiting a travel immunization clinic in Montreal. A single vaccine could save your life, or at least save you from several needles that you may require, should you develop an illness. Hundreds of thousands of people have already had vaccinations without any side effects, and you are surrounded by a qualified medical staff. You can also subsequently offer a small reward to yourself, to reward yourself for overcoming your fear, for example with an ice cream or a movie outing.

At 514 Vaccines, your travel immunization clinic in Montreal, your wellbeing is our priority, whether physically or mentally. Learn more about travel vaccinations online, and how they can prevent illnesses and enable safe travel, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or wish to make an appointment.


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