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How to Financially Cope with no Insurance

Insurance can seem like a big expense and if your employer does not pay for it, then you may just feel that it is something that you can do without. However, if you have a family to look after or even get unwell yourself then it can get expensive to cover the costs. This includes the cost of the medical treatment as well as any lost wages. Without health or life insurance quotes you will have to find the money for this yourself and so you will need to think about how you will manage.


You may need to consider investing money so that you can cash in and get a lump sum should you need it to pay for medical costs. This is a risk though as you may find that you do not have enough money to pay for it. You will have to make sure that you invest enough money, which is very difficult to calculate. You will also need to consider that you will need to ensure that the investment is not too risky, or else you may end up losing your money.


You can put by some money each month and hope that you have enough to pay for your medical expenses. This again, can be a risk as you never know how much they might be. You will also need to have good self-discipline and make sure that you do not get tempted to spend the money on other things.

Selling Things

You may have some items that you can sell to raise money that you might need towards medical expenses. This can be a useful thing to do, but you have to guarantee that the item will sell in time and for enough money to provide you with what you need in time. It is not easy to predict when you might need to pay a medical bill and so this may be a risky think to rely on.


Many people will turn to borrowing money to cover the expenses of being unwell. This could cover both medical expenses and living expenses. This is an expensive way to do things because the repayments can be very high. Medical treatment can be very costly and you may find that you may not even be able to borrow the amount of money required or you will take a very long time to be able to pay it back.

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