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Home Remedies For Peptic Ulcer

images (17)Peptic ulcer is triggered due to the break down of the inner lining of the stomach. The one that gets developed in the stomach is called gastric ulcer, and the one that get created in the intestinal area is called duodenal ulcer. Peptic ulcer is developed when the two kinds of stomach problems appear together.

Peptic ulcer is mainly due to the consumption of too much of alcohol, tea or coffee, hot foods, smoking and hyper acidity. The signs include serious, sharp pain in the upper region of the abdomen. If the initial signs are ignored and neglected, the problem could become severe. Fortunately, quite a few herbal remedies are available for the therapy of this disease. Eating bananas is very beneficial and these may be absorbed in the form of milk drinks as well. Bananas reduces the gastric juices leading to hyper acidity. Another beneficial solution is to drink fresh milk of goat. Likewise, milk created using blanched nuts has confirmed beneficial for this problem. This milk helps reducing the excessive amounts of acid in the stomach. Juice created from cabbage or carrots is a confirmed strategy to peptic ulcer too. Preferably, the juice should be created from equal amounts of cabbages and carrots. One can also eat cabbages or carrots by steaming 250 grams of these vegetables in one liter of water ’till just about half of the liquid is remaining over. The remaining fluid should be drank daily. Another useful way of dealing with the ulcer is to eat a mixture made up of 200 grams of drumsticks paste and 100 grams of yogurt. When you want to get immediate relief from that burning sensation in the abdomen due to peptic ulcer, drink cool milk. One more favorable therapy is to take changing hot and cool bath for about 15 minutes. Dip about 15 grams of wood apple leaves over night and drink that water the following morning.


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