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Many people are going for dental bonding these days

Close up photo of smiling woman's mouth and teeth.You can ameliorate your facial expression when you are happy with a dental binding to repair your small defects like broken teeth, narrow fissures etc. You do not have to incur a heavy expenditure on the said treatment. This method of beautifying your face by binding together to close the space in between the teeth or any other defect gives a certainly distinguishable look to your facial expression. This method is also only concerned with beautifying the face like the use of a translucent ceramic material or the conventional crowns. When it is compared with other methods this way of fastening of the teeth closely to cover small gaps in between teeth is very traditional and not very expensive.

The dentist uses a superimposition of large number of synthetic material that has a polymeric structure to eradicate the little visible defects. This plain way can be expended to ameliorate the necessary teeth colour and also amend the shape of each tooth as desired by the patient. This way of treatment for beautifying the face is suitable to make little differences in certain portions of the teeth especially the front part. The tooth which is in front part of our mouth bears the pain of grinding of our food at a low rate.

It can be suitable to patients who want an elaborate way to beautify their face and their looks of the facial expression when they are happy. These patients wish to enhance their facial expression when they are happy in the best possible way. The dentist pursues this variable method to close the space in between the tooth, makes a defining line to shapeless tooth to give a presentable look, etc.  By this way blemishes of the teeth which have faded from their normal colour can be amended which otherwise would not have been possible by bleaching of the teeth.

This variable method helps to close the narrow fissures occurring in between teeth, amend the broken parts and also stretch the look of an already spoiled tooth. The dentist may also identify the exact place and the kind of treatment the patient will need to rectify his defect. After examining all the patient’s problems the dentist will suggest the best suitable treatment. The patient  may require a  translucent ceramic material or  a traditional crown to replace  his defective tooth  so that the whole procedure becomes effective .The  fastening of the teeth  with the paste made of whiting and rapeseed oil  entirely relies upon  the  range  covered for the treatment.

The whole method will take anywhere between 30 minutes to one hour for each tooth. The patient will have to be very much conscious. The dentist will choose the colour of the synthetic organic material with a polymeric structure which will be superimposed to match the natural colour of the patient’s tooth. This choice will be made according to the directions given in the guide to be used for different shapes of the patient’s teeth. In the next step the dentist will corrode a small portion of the teeth and then put the stiff paste made of whiting and rapeseed oil.

This stiff paste made of whiting and rapeseed oil will be put on the affected part and then the dentist will  make the necessary  carving for moulding to be made  to satisfy the patient’s need. Then the dentist will make use of a device that produces illumination specially meant for dental purposes. This device will produce the radiation required for binding the stiff paste made of whiting and rapeseed oil with the teeth. At the end he will make small shuffles which are very much needed to give the glitter to the normal tooth. Again dental bonding has got its own merits and demerits. It has got the following merits. It is not very much expensive treatment to hide the defective tooth. Any of the tooth’s entity need not be taken out. It can perfectly take out the blemishes that have been deeply rooted in the teeth than whitening the teeth. All the other methods like bleaching of the teeth, invisible way of placing your teeth for beautifying the face can be united together for bringing a remarkable change in the facial expression.


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