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Is it Worth it To Have Dental Implants Put in?

It’s quite common for adults to have one or more teeth missing. If you have lost some teeth due to decay, gum disease or injury then you probably already know that it’s not in the best interest of your overall oral health to leave those gaps in your smile. Missing teeth can affect how you bite, chew and speak and it can even cause the adjacent teeth to shift. You may also feel embarrassed about your smile when you have visible spaces between your teeth. One of the most popular options for replacing missing teeth is having a dental implant procedure done.

A dental implant consists of a titanium post that’s surgically implanted into the jawbone. Once the bone has fully fused with the post, an artificial tooth top or crown is placed on the post.

If you are considering having dental implants put in, you should know that it takes several months to complete the procedure and that it costs quite a bit of money. Let’s take a look at some facts about tooth implants to see if they’re worth the time and money required to have them put in.

No Teeth Are Altered When an Implant is Put In
When a dental bridge is made to “bridge” a gap between teeth, the two teeth adjacent to the space must be altered or shaped in order to accept the bridge. This shaping of perfectly healthy teeth does pose some risks as these teeth can be more vulnerable to decay because they’ve been altered. There is no need to alter adjacent teeth when undergoing a dental implant procedure which is a clear advantage to this tooth replacement option.

A Dental Implant is Permanent
Even though it can cost you around $3000 for a single dental implant, once the implant is placed in your mouth, it’s there to stay. This means you will never have to pay for another implant unless of course the implant happens to break which is possible by biting down on something very hard. Many people with implants enjoy the fact that they don’t ever again have to worry about investing thousands of dollars to improve their smile. This is easy to understand and more so considering that most dental insurance plans don’t cover implant procedures.

No One Will Know You Have a Dental Implant
Because the top portion or artificial crown of a dental implant is made to look just like your natural teeth, most people will not know that you have an implant. You can smile and laugh with full confidence knowing that just you and your cosmetic dentist knows that you’ve filled a space between your teeth with a very natural looking artificial tooth.

You Can Eat What You Want
If you were to fill those gaps in your smile with bridge work or dentures, you would not be able to enjoy some types of foods like chewy, crunchy or hard foods. This is because these types of foods can cause dentures to slip out of place or even fall out and they can do damage to the different parts of a dental bridge. But when you have dental implants filling those spaces, you can eat whatever you like because your implants are securely anchored into your jawbone. This means you won’t face any awkward situations when eating with friends which provides a boost to your self-esteem and confidence.


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