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How to Attract New Patients to Your Dental Practice

Whether you’re fresh out of dental school and setting up your practice or are an experienced dentist who wishes to expand your patient base, coming up with a plan is always advantageous when it comes to attracting new patients. While your main goal is always to gain new patients, you also need to retain patients as it’s key to your success. By providing each of your patients with a positive experience on their quest for a beautiful smile, you’ll be encouraging them to return to you for cleanings and whenever dental problems arise.

Here are some tips designed to help you attract new patients to your dental office.

Create a Strong Online Presence
Today, people are not letting their fingers do the walking when looking for a dental practice to use. Instead of relying on the Yellow Pages, they’re turning to the power and convenience of the internet in their quest to find dentists near them. This is why you should have a website online that’s dedicated to your dental practice. Your website should include relevant treatment information, your contact info, staff member profiles, qualifications, specialties you offer, background information and insurance details. Be sure to put your website address on all promotional materials you use and in online directories so web searchers can find you.

Train Staff in Customer Service
It’s very important that your staff knows how to deliver good customer service. Even if members of your staff have some experience working in dental offices, it would still prove beneficial to have them take a short course in customer service. Today, there are firms out there which offer this type of training which can be taken conveniently online. This type of training is inexpensive, short and fun to take part in. It will teach your staff everything they need to improve your customer service from proper telephone skills to how to show empathy. When your staff is known for it’s great customer service, word will spread wherein you should see more new patients walking through your door.

Get Involved with the Local Community
A great way to let people know you exist is to get involved with your local community. When you represent your practice within the community at public events, through volunteering and with sponsorships, you’ll be conveying the message that you care about others. The exposure you’ll receive from your community involvement will provide you with many new contacts while establishing your practice as a prominent fixture in the community.

Encourage Existing Patients to Refer Others
A great way to obtain new patients is to ask your existing patients to refer their friends, family and coworkers to your practice. A great idea is to create a referral program that rewards your patients when their referrals result in you getting new patients. Just be sure the rewards you offer are something people would want such as gift cards to local businesses or a discount on a service you offer.

Remember that other dentists in your area are directly competing against you for new patients so it never pays to just assume new patients will choose your practice.
By following these tips, you should see more patients coming into your dental office. Marketing a dental practice doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it can actually be fun to do!


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