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Endodontic treatment

In case of your pulp becomes infected or inflamed, you need an endodontic treatment.


The inflammation or infection has a variety of reasons; deep bacterial decay, repeated dental procedures on the tooth, or even chip or crack in the tooth. Furthermore, pulp damage could cause the trauma to a tooth even when the tooth has no visible chips or cracks. If you haven’t any attention to treat your inflamed pulp, it can cause constant pain, leading to an abscess. The main signs of pulp damage are pain, discoloration of the tooth, prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold and swelling and tenderness in the nearby gums. But sometimes it can proceed with no symptoms at all. «In one or two visits you can have an endodontic treatment; everything depends upon the cause of the root canal and the complexity of the tooth» – dentists in Connecticut say.  The first step is to examine the decision is to test and x-ray the inflamed tooth and then numb it with local anesthetic to eliminate or reduce any pain at worst. Next step is a rubber dam that isolates the tooth from the oral cavity, erecting a barrier that prevents from entering of bacteria and saliva to the tooth in the process of the procedure.

Hand piece is the best thing this way to open access into the pulp chamber and root canals. After creating an access, we use the smallest instruments in order to clean and shape root canals and the pulp chamber, to remove the nerve, blood vessels and connective tissue, and in order to prepare the root canals for filling material. Now the space is shaped and cleaned and we inject biocompatible material to the root material, as usual with the help of a rubber-like material that is called “gutta-percha”. This material is placed with adhesive cement, sealing the root canals completely. The main goal of the filling material lies in making a barrier so that no fluids, cells, or other matter that could enter the tooth at the tip of the root. After completing the root canal therapy, you might need a core build-up and possibly a post inside the tooth. This procedure provides a solid foundation for a crown and fills the hollow space created. Finally the crown or other one restoration is put on the tooth in order to restore and protect it to full function of it. In case you need undergo the procedures for endodontic treatment, you can find the best dental specialists on map here


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